Welcome to St. Rita of Cascia
Catholic Church!

Purpose of the “pink envelopes” – Stewardship Help

Enclosed in your envelope packet you will see “pink envelopes” entitled “Diocesan Stewardship Goal Assitance”. The purpose of these envelopes is to receive your contributions to help our parish close any gap between the St. Rita’s Target toward the Diocesan Stewardship Appeal (this year set at $78,392) and any shortfall in parishioner payments to the Diocese used for its operations.

This Pink Envelope is intended for use by those parishioners who do not feel comfortable making a pledge directly to the diocese but who would like to help the parish reach our Target by April 30. The Pink Envelopes are NOT intended for payments on any pledge your family has already made. Those should be sent directly to the diocese or placed in the Diocesan Appeal envelopes sent to your home.

Our Appeal has a shortfall of $36,000. If you have not pledged and wish to contribute, please use the pink envelope.

Saint Rita school accepting new students for 2015

Come and experience Catholic education at its finest at St. Rita of Cascia School. Our students are blessed with a curriculum that develops each student spiritually,
academically, emotionally and physically. At St. Rita School, we provide a safe, caring environment where faith and values are taught. St. Rita students excel on standardizedtests.

In addition to the core courses, St. Rita students take classes in computer technology, art, music, physical education and library. Students participate in sports and band programs. We have a full day program for Kindergarten. Our preschool class for four year olds is a readiness program for our kindergarten. Don’t miss the
chance to have your child experience an outstanding educational opportunity. Register now. For registration information for PreK-grade 8, call the school office at 630-892-0200.