Our committees are composed of parish volunteers who tackle the many, but necessary, functions of the parish. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, please let us know!

Building and Grounds

The building and grounds committee and volunteers maintain the lawn and groundskeeping, snow removal and salt distribution, oversight of building projects, and more! We are in need of volunteers to help maintain our grounds, as well as any who are able to contribute in various ways towards our construction needs.


The Finance committee oversees the parish finances, and makes recommendations regarding fundraisers, spending, and researching financial needs.


A brand new committee, the IT/Computer committee looks after the IT and electronic needs of the parish, and assesses the IT resources.


The pastoral committee is an advisory body which looks after the pastoral needs of the parish, and provides recommendations for improvements or new initiatives.


The stewardship committee manages the stewardship drives and pledges, as well as find speakers for our Lenten missions. This committee is in need of volunteers.